Revolutionary innovation!

FREEZ (Free & Easy Zip) is a new horizontal system resulting from a two years and half development program. This easy self-entry solution won’t restrain your arms, shoulders and torso mobility, only a gently pull being needed to open and shut this suit.
Available in the T4 AERO SHELL DRY and The T4 MOVER DRY, the FREEZ system was made in response to the demands of instructors and heavy users for new solutions.(Utility Model Certificate registration number: 3185710)

The FREEZ system concept relies on a dermatome stretching out from each side of the spinal column at the fourth thoracic vertebrae. This skin in this area remains more-or-less immobile in a diving situation. As a result, using a zipper in this area instead of a traditional back entry system doesn’t restrain shoulders and upper arms movements and doesn’t inhibit bending down like some other entry systems do.


1 Slip your arms inside the suspenders.
2 Slide your arms through one arm at a time.
4 Enlarge the neck seal and slide your head through.
8 Hold the bottom stop and slide the zip with ease.
10 Be careful not to catch your undergarment in the zipper. The teeth of the zipper can be damaged by forcing the slider, which could risk water leakage.