MOBBY'S is pleased to count Szilvia Gogh among MOBBY'S Divers!

Szilvia Gogh Bio

Szilvia Gogh started scuba diving when she was 13 years old (quite some years ago), as a member of a dive club in
Budapest, Hungary.


As a diver she competed in orienteering diving for several years. Orienteering consists of finding buoys
in low visibility lakes with the use of a compass and a distance counting device.


It was a long journey from being a competitive orienteering diver in Hungary to becoming a PADI Course Director. It was an exhilarating accomplishment for her because she was the youngest female Course Director world-wide ever excepted
into this highly respected program. She is still the only female Hungarian Course Director.


Since she started diving she has logged 5000+ dives. As an instructor she has certified over 1000 divers
from beginners to dive professionals including special training for the LAPD as well as Sheriffs and Fire Departments.


As a PADI Course Director, and expert in navigating underwater, she serves as a trainer for new divers and for
the very experienced, such as the LAPD Search & Rescue Dive Instructors.


She works in front of the camera as an adventure show host as well as a Stunt Women in blockbuster Hollywood movies
and TV series. She provides Water Safety and trains actors to breath underwater when working on the set.


She is the founder of

Miss Scuba was designed to bring women together from all over the world who share enthusiasm
about diving, travel and adventure. Miss Scuba is more than a group of women that travel the world
together to explore the most exotic places and best dive sites. Miss Scuba is more than a fantastic
resource where women share incredible adventures and helpful tips about travel, hot new products
and exciting destinations.  What Miss Scuba is, is a culture of its own; an expression of free will,
untamed souls, a rebellion against mediocrity and the yearning for finding adventure and excitement 
in life.