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Mobby’s USA Welcomes John Baker as a Brand Ambassador

John Baker began his diving career at an early age diving in the foothills of South Carolina. While John attended college,
he spent much of his time diving and teaching at Lake Jocassee and the east coast offshore. He now owns a dive shop
with his wife Amanda. They have 2 little divemaster boys, ages 5 & 3 that love the water and reorganizing the dive shop.

John’s favorite place to dive is offshore Charleston, SC. He is a licensed master captain and owns a dive boat charter
company that runs diving, spearfishing, and technical dive charters for trips off the South Carolina coast. He is also part
owner of Carolina Diving and Salvage and has salvaged anything from airplanes and cars to boats and engines that were
lost underwater.

John is an SDI and TDI instructor and a NAUI Instructor Trainer. He can teach anything from basic open water scuba to
deep trimix gas diving. Some of John’s dives push beyond the 300ft range in frigid lakes and he loves utilizing his Mobby’s
T4 drysuit to keep warm. John is passionate about exploration and technical diving. Some of his favorite dives are wreck
penetration dives using sidemount to fit into the tight places. He also does a lot of exploration dives on his rebreather in
search of artifacts, historical sites, and new dive spots in the lakes and ocean. You can find John diving anywhere there
is water and adventure.

For more info about John check out his website: