A.C.T. (Anatomical Cutting Technology) is a new way of representing
the human body.



In the desire to provide better solutions, MOBBY’S has spent over 10 years in R&D with specialist expertise to introduce a new anatomical analysis approach based on natural human skin motion and the
engineering technology used in apparel. This result is A.C.T.. 

In addition to perfectly reproducing the 3D representation of the

human body, it will allow your suit to fit your body shape perfectly

while moving: 4D Fitting.


Skin Motion

A dermatome is an area of skin which is innervated by a single spinal nerve. In addition to transmitting physical sensation information through the same nerve, each skin area has a different elasticity and direction of stretching. Of course, in reality it isn't that simple, but we've done our best to optimize each panel to match the corresponding skin section's characteristics. Our advanced production knowledge, skills and expertise have brought us one step closer to a perfect second skin. On the basis of the dermatomes’ motion capacities, we adapted and used our A.C.T. engineering feature (Anatomical Cutting Technology) on each suit model to grant you greater freedom of movement. To answer a growing demand for better products, our models are constantly improving!

3D Engineering

We used the original measurement data through a 3D scanner to create a digital 3D polygon representation of the user in a standard diving position. These data will then allow us to produce customized 2D panels for an optimal fitting and comfort during a diving session.

The image displayed above represents the different zone and intensity level of discomfort resulting from the suit’s panel. To avoid such unpleasant sensation, MOBBY’S meticulously adjusts and optimizes each panel to fit your body shape perfectly while providing maximum mobility.



Movement limitation of suits using A.C.T. compared to movement limitation of traditional suits.
(Given that 100 is the traditional suit limitation reference)