Gretchen M. Ashton, is an advanced scuba diver, nitrox diver, paddler, sailor and fitness professional which includes
credentials as a personal trainer, specialist in fitness therapy and nutrition as well as strength and conditioning. 
Gretchen is the founder of ScubaFit LLC and developed the ScubaFit®, FitDiver®, DiveFit® and SurfWalking®
exercise programs for divers, instructors and water sports enthusiasts.  She shares her fitness message with the diving
community as a mentor.  She is a regular contributor to numerous dive and fitness related blogs, speaking
engagements and other media.

As a lifetime drug-free strength athlete Gretchen set 21 World and American records and is the second woman inducted
into the AAU Power Lifting Hall of Fame.


Szilvia Gogh started scuba diving when she was 13 years old (quite some years ago), as a member of a dive club in
Budapest, Hungary.


As a diver she competed in orienteering diving for several years. Orienteering consists of finding buoys
in low visibility lakes with the use of a compass and a distance counting device.


It was a long journey from being a competitive orienteering diver in Hungary to becoming a PADI Course Director. It was an exhilarating accomplishment for her because she was the youngest female Course Director world-wide ever excepted
into this highly respected program. She is still the only female Hungarian Course Director.


Since she started diving she has logged 5000+ dives. As an instructor she has certified over 1000 divers
from beginners to dive professionals including special training for the LAPD as well as Sheriffs and Fire Departments.


As a PADI Course Director, and expert in navigating underwater, she serves as a trainer for new divers and for
the very experienced, such as the LAPD Search & Rescue Dive Instructors.


She works in front of the camera as an adventure show host as well as a Stunt Women in blockbuster Hollywood movies
and TV series. She provides Water Safety and trains actors to breath underwater when working on the set.


She is the founder of

Miss Scuba was designed to bring women together from all over the world who share enthusiasm
about diving, travel and adventure. Miss Scuba is more than a group of women that travel the world
together to explore the most exotic places and best dive sites. Miss Scuba is more than a fantastic
resource where women share incredible adventures and helpful tips about travel, hot new products
and exciting destinations.  What Miss Scuba is, is a culture of its own; an expression of free will,
untamed souls, a rebellion against mediocrity and the yearning for finding adventure and excitement 
in life.


From the first images Bonnie captured with a rental Motormarine during a 1987 Cozumel dive trip, she was hooked on
diving! Her hobby became a passion and her passion became a career. Now she lives out her dream as a photographer,
designer, promoter, and teacher. Bonnie's photography has been published in nearly all the dive magazines and she has
been featured for her graphic talent in publications for the past 30 years.

Her company, Under Watercolours has grown to be world-renowned as Bonnie markets the dive and travel industry with
her photography, award-winning websites, and extensive travel experience. Under Watercolours is recognized as the
leading designer for the dive and travel industry with over 140 original sites online for clients world-wide. Bonnie has also
become very in-tune to the marketing and promotional needs of the dive industry and is responsible for the marketing of
many of the biggest and best companies in the scuba diving industry.

For more information about Under Watercolours and Bonnie's escapades visit: and


Growing up in Sarasota, Florida, Autumn has always been passionate about the outdoors. She became a NAUI certified
diver at 14, and spent her youth diving, backpacking and kayaking the Florida rivers. More recently, she’s become a
rebreather diver, underwater photographer and PADI SCUBA Instructor.  In 2014, Autumn founded Scuba Girls to provide a safe and fun environment for women to learn, travel and dive.  Autumn is also the founder of
Stream2Sea, a complete line of sunscreen and body care products proven to be safe for you and safe for our waters.

Quick to catch a chill, Autumn moves from her 3 mil wetsuit right into her custom Mobby’s drysuit when the water
temperatures drop below 78F.  “I’ve never been an ‘off the rack’ woman, and never found the right fit with a wetsuit or
drysuit.  Choosing the custom colors was fun, but Mobby’s quick custom fitting process finally gave me the best fit I could
have hoped for.

A cosmetic chemist, environmentalist and ecopreneur, Autumn has been able to combine her passion for the underwater world with her career.  When not in her office in rural central Florida, she can often be found diving in the Florida Keys,
training local dive centers about sunscreens and body care ingredients, or leading a Scuba Girls expedition to another
exotic location, always with her Mobby’s gear.


Dev Spradlin enlisted in the Marine Corps right out of high school and was selected to become an Officer of Marines during his second enlistment at which point he was sent to Auburn University.  At Auburn he was introduced to and fell in love
with Scuba. On his first tour in Okinawa, Japan he became an Open Water Scuba Instructor. He taught on Okinawa for
several years. A trained Marine Combat Instructor of Water Survival he was later placed in charge of all entry level swim
training for the Marine Corps at Parris Island, South Carolina. Throughout his career he worked for various shops and
owned his own facility all the while making safe divers. After 21 years of service to our country and multiple combat
tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan, Dev retired from the Marine Corps as a Major.

Dev has been diving for over 20 years and teaching for more than 17 years.  He has certified hundreds of safe divers
around the world.  He loves to share his passion with new divers and introduce them to a Scuba life style.  
In his career as an instructor, Dev has continued to hone his underwater skills and develop new ones to keep scuba fresh
through continuing education and dive travel. He currently serves as a SDI Instructor Trainer Staff Instructor Trainer. 
He teaches every manner of recreational specialty, too many to reference, and loves to introduce interested divers to the
technical diving world.  Dev teaches the gateway classes of Technical Diving: Intro to Tec, TDI Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox,
and Decompression Procedures.  His energy and love for Scuba are infectious.  If you get to the Richmond, Virginia area
take the opportunity look him up. Guarantee he’ll take you to the water and you’ll probably learn something new
and have fun in the process!  At the very least you’ll hear a great story…


John Baker began his diving career at an early age diving in the foothills of South Carolina. While John attended college,
he spent much of his time diving and teaching at Lake Jocassee and the east coast offshore. He now owns a dive shop
with his wife Amanda. They have 2 little divemaster boys, ages 5 & 3 that love the water and reorganizing the dive shop.

John’s favorite place to dive is offshore Charleston, SC. He is a licensed master captain and owns a dive boat charter
company that runs diving, spearfishing, and technical dive charters for trips off the South Carolina coast. He is also part
owner of Carolina Diving and Salvage and has salvaged anything from airplanes and cars to boats and engines that were
lost underwater.

John is an SDI and TDI instructor and a NAUI Instructor Trainer. He can teach anything from basic open water scuba to
deep trimix gas diving. Some of John’s dives push beyond the 300ft range in frigid lakes and he loves utilizing his Mobby’s
T4 drysuit to keep warm. John is passionate about exploration and technical diving. Some of his favorite dives are wreck
penetration dives using sidemount to fit into the tight places. He also does a lot of exploration dives on his rebreather in
search of artifacts, historical sites, and new dive spots in the lakes and ocean. You can find John diving anywhere there
is water and adventure.

For more info about John check out his website:


Yorko Summer is a well-known underwater photographer. He is also a senior diving instructor and a famous travel
journalist. Photography Lecturer has recently honored him to be the judge of many international underwater photo
contests. In 2014, Yorko was honored as "Photographer of the week" by DPG (Dive Photo Guide) and one of the top
Chinese underwater photographers by Radio Television Hong Kong. They also produced Yorko's life story as a
documentary called "An Ocean Rover".