1963 Founded TOHOKU DIVING CENER by Morinosuke Yasuda as the first diving store in Miyagi Japan.
1973 Mamoru Yasuda succeeded the business.
1975 Incorporated as TOHOKU Diving Center Limited Liability Company. (JPY1,700,0000).
Manufacture wetsuits for local fishermen.
1980 Developed an innovative diving gloves “AQUA GLOVE” which are reinforced by PVC dots and exported to more than 20 countries.
1982 Built new factory and began production of wetsuits for the market of Wind Surfing and Recreational Diving.
1983 Launched first Fabric dry suits for wind surfing in Japan.
1984 The Sales Department is incorporated as MOBBY DICK INC. (JPY5,000,000).
1985 MOBBY DICK INC. opens a wholesale distribution office in Kanagawa Prefecture. Launched Neoprene Diving Drysuits.
1986 Launched Fabric Diving Drysuits
1987 Launched PWC (Personal water Craft) wetsuits
1988 Sales office relocated to Shibuya.
Developed and patented the “Twinshell” fabric dry suit.
MOBBY’S’ wetsuits first appeared in US diving magazines as “Most Fashioned Wetsuits”.
1989 Exhibited the first oversea business show ISPO in Germany.
1990 TOHOKU Diving Center Limited Liability Company’s capital increased to JPY20,000,000.
Began Exporting to USA and Europe.
1991 TOHOKU Diving Center Limited Liability Company files as a Corporation
1992 TOHOKU Diving Center Inc. capital increased to JPY50,000,000.
MOBBY DICK INC. capital increased to JPY20,000,000,
Launched JET SHOES the first shoes dedicated to JET SKI in the world.
1995 Built Head quarter office and factory.
Management office opened in USA. Closed 2002
Merged MOBBY DICK INC. and TOHOKU Diving Center Inc.(Capital stock: JPY63,000,000)
1997 License agreement with O’Neill Inc.
Launched manufacturing Surfing wetsuits with O’Neill brand in Japan.
1999 Sales office relocated to Kanazawa in Yokohama.
2000 Capital increased (JPY83,000,000).
MOBBY’S EUROPA S.R.L. was established to promote and extend MOBBY’S business activities into Europe.
Granted a Tohoku Venture Land Subsidy by the Tohoku government Developed HAZMAT srysuits.
2003 Integration of the “A.C.T.” body in motion fit for wetsuits resulting in greater freedom of movement and comfort.
2005 Osaka office opened.
AWARD: First prize awarded to Mobby’s by the 77 Business Foundation.
2006 Partnership agreement with MARES s.p.a. whereby Mobby’s would promote Diving equipment of MARES brand in Japan and MARES would handle all sales and marketing activities outside of Japan through its network of distributors. Dissolution of Mobby’s Europe S.R.L.
Collaboration with Hamamatsu Photonics to develop the world’s first wetsuit 3D body scanner. Sales Office relocated to Sakuragicho in Yokohama.
First unsecured bond issued(Certified by 77 Bank corporation, limited qualified institutional investors)Issued amount: JPY 50,000,000
2008 AWARD:“Ishinomaki Prize” awarded by the Ishinomaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
AWARD: Selected to the Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s – List of Top 300 “Most Dynamic” Manufacturers.
Catalog of HYDREX (X-MOBBY’S) is published to promote wetsuits & drysuits to be used for professional use including Commercial diving, Military, Coast Guard, Police and Fire Brigade.
2009 Integration of an Automatic Cutting Machine (CAM)
AWARD: MOBBY’S “FREEDOM NZ (NON ZIP)” model suits are the first items certified “Product Excellence” by the Miyagi Industry Association and Tohoku Prefecture.
2010 Received a Challenge Support Subsidy by the Miyagi Industry Association.
Received a “Product Excellence” subsidy support program by the National Federation of Small Business Associations.
2011 Warehouse and company store were destroyed in the earthquake and tsunami that hit the coast. In aid of the recovery efforts, Mobby’s provides jobs to the local victims to help them for the time being.
Launched a new product line dedicated to Sports Fishing called “REARTH”
Dissolution of the Mares division and transfer the business to a joint venture company with Mares s.p.a. which is Mares Japan Inc.
2012 Mobby’s along with two associated companies that were damaged by the desaster are granted a “Facilities Reconstruction and Recovery” subsidy by the Japanese government.
Established shared warehousing and production facilities.
Sales Operations in Asia are launched (includes South Korea, China, and Palau).
2013 Developed the innovative drysuits “T4” including the new zipper layout system allowing for greater Mobility of your arms, shoulders, and torso.
Granted a New Business Activity Promotion Support Subsidy by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the development of 3D human imaging software.
Taiwan and Hong Kong Sales operations launched.
2014 Russia Sales operations (Vladivostok) launched.
Received a Global Top Niche market subsidy by the Shoko Chukin Bank Ltd. (Supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
2015 Germany Sales operations launched.
Thailand Sales operation launched.
Dissolution of the Joint venture “Mares Japan”.
2016 As a result of the tendering for the Japanese government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) We are granted as a supplier of public safety suits to Serbia.
2017 Signed a comprehensive business alliance with DUI USA.
2019 Signed a distributor agreement of Moby’s product with P.S.I Canada.